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Being a librarian, I obviously love to read, but I certainly do not feel compelled to review everything I read. I thoroughly...

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Details of Amber Witch

Exact title of the book
Amber Witch
Book author
R.S. Beck
Book edition
Number of pages
340 pages
October 16th 2018 by Prospective Press
File size (in PDF)
1360 kB
Amber Witch

Some brief overview of book

Being a librarian, I obviously love to read, but I certainly do not feel compelled to review everything I read. I thoroughly enjoyed Amber Witch so much, that I found myself mentally “casting” the characters (Ksenia Solo from “Turn” and “Project Bluebook” would make an excellent Helene) as I was reading, hunting my thoughts for who could pull off such a mixture of brains and charm and secrets. This novel gave me everything I love in a book, even being both satisfied with an ending while wanting more.

Amber Witch has the depth of content richly woven into an interesting tale. R.S. Beck has a fluent way of feeding little bits of in-depth historic description without weighing down the characters and their storyline.

The beauty of this plot is the appreciation of the past from the present. I get the chance to observe the authentic details such as the running of the manor, the preparation of the food, the fabrics and embroidery and politics of manners, and characteristics of class, craftily adapted to the characters and entire plot, not simply “added in” like someone thought they ought to. Every little detail made sense and enhanced the overall effect, rather than being thrown in for “fluff.” The story was so wonderfully visual, I could just see the little artisan shops of Asheville, as if I have wandered those streets myself and witnessed the amazing artists.

I could just picture the sculptures she described. I would say that is the goal of any reader’s imagination, is to be able to dream up the world the author has created and live the story. R.S.

Beck has accomplished this with rounding success. She has created that imaginary film projector of the mind, and began a story I wanted to be a part of, and wanted to see it unfold, and really want to see it continue.