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Volume 2 Experience a sampler collection of full-length books from some of Elizabeth Rose's bestselling series. Medieval...

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Details of Border Lords and Ladies Boxed Set: Volume 2

Exact title of the book
Border Lords and Ladies Boxed Set: Volume 2
Book author
Elizabeth Rose
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
1017 pages
November 7th 2018 by RoseScribe Media Inc.
File size (in PDF)
4068 kB
Border Lords and Ladies Boxed Set: Volume 2

Some brief overview of book

Volume 2 Experience a sampler collection of full-length books from some of Elizabeth Rose's bestselling series. Medieval border lords and ladies find romance on or over the borders. Each book in this set is part of one of Elizabeth's bestselling series, but each can be read as a stand alone.

This set includes: The Baron's Quest (Book 1, Barons of the Cinque Ports Series) Muriel Draper is the daughter of a merchant, or a spinster since she spins wool. When her father dies, she has to take a position as Lord Nicholas Vaughn's personal clothier in order to pay off his debt. When a love interest starts up between them, it must stop.

Being from two different walks of life the border between them can only cause trouble. Destiny's Kiss (Prequel to the Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series) Lady Annalyse has been raised in a convent, shunned and thought of as cursed since she was the second-born twin. When she's called to her sister's side one Christmas as her sister births the king's bastards, everything changes.

Before she knows it, the handsome Scot named Ross Douglas has kissed her under the kissing bough and with it her life is filled with excitement as well as danger. Ruthless Knight (Book 2, Legendary Bastards of the Crown Series) Rook is one of the triplet bastards of King Edward III. Together, he and his brothers have been raiding the king since the man, their own father, ordered them killed at birth.

Living in the catacombs with his raven, Rook is known as the Lord of the Underworld. But when Lady Calliope stumbles upon him in his lair, she brings a ray of light back into Rook's life that he had forgotten was ever there. Summer's Reign (Book 2, Seasons of Fortitude Series) RONE AWARD FINALIST 2018 Summer Douglas has sacrificed herself for her family, marrying an evil and abusive baron.

But when the man mysteriously dies suddenly, she is given permission from the king to choose her next husband. When Sir Warren Mowbray, the dead baron's nephew arrives, Summer is determined to have nothing to do with this family. And as she starts to lose her heart to Warren, an investigation goes underway to find the baron's killer, with Summer as the main suspect.

Lady and the Wolf Red Riding Hood (Book 1, Tangled Tales Series) Lady Winifred (Red) Chaserton is a sure aim with her crossbow. When a wolf starts following her in the woods she aims to protect herself, surprised to find Lord Hugh de Bar show up at her side. Hugh, known as Wolf, has been cursed and shapeshifts into a wolf each night.

The man he blames and wants to kill happens to be the grandfather of the girl with the crossbow. He takes her captive to lure the man to him, but in the process ends up falling in love with the enemy's daughter. This is a twisted, tangled, romantic retelling of the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.