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91,700 words (full length novel) Cerridwen's Tears Introduces Lara Hennessey, nurse, coffee lover, and unwitting creature...

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Details of Cerridwen's Tears (Healer Series Book 1)

Exact title of the book
Cerridwen's Tears (Healer Series Book 1)
Book author
Sharilyn Skye
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
328 pages
November 21st 2018 by Dark Horse Publishing
File size (in PDF)
1312 kB
Cerridwen's Tears (Healer Series Book 1)

Some brief overview of book

91,700 words (full length novel) Cerridwen's Tears Introduces Lara Hennessey, nurse, coffee lover, and unwitting creature of magic. A vicious attack by a jealous lover breaks the protective spell set by her parents and reveals her true heritage, she is high blood Daoine Sidhe, a true Healer, something that has not been seen in the supernatural community for millennia. Almost losing her life in the attack, she is saved by her neighbor, Aedan, the Governor of the Eastern Region of vampires, and just like Lara, a creature that should not exist.

Together they cover up her attacker's death and try to deal with the aftermath. The transition from old life to new is quick but events are spiraling out of control faster than she can manage. Unable to return to her job at the local hospital, she teams up with Aedan and his House, working as a consultant on the case of the Baltimore city vampires killings.

During their efforts to find the truth, they develop a relationship complicated by the fact that Lara doesn't do relationships and Aedan is playing for keeps. When the truth about her identity comes out to the supernatural community at large, she becomes both coveted and feared. Not everyone is excited about the return of a True Healer and she quickly finds herself surrounded by those who want control over her power and will kill to get it.

What little time she has to discover her abilities and harness her power to save herself is running out. When the militant anti-vampire group responsible for killing the city's vampires kidnaps Lara as bait to garner their biggest kill of all-Aedan, all bets are off. She'll need more than wild magic and coffee to survive this time.