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Ain’t nothing but a heartbreak is what twenty-five-year-old Ariel Sweeny keeps telling herself when it comes to her boyfriend...

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Details of Cocaine Heartbreak

Exact title of the book
Cocaine Heartbreak
Book author
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
162 pages
October 18th 2018 by Major Key Publishing
File size (in PDF)
648 kB
Cocaine Heartbreak

Some brief overview of book

Ain’t nothing but a heartbreak is what twenty-five-year-old Ariel Sweeny keeps telling herself when it comes to her boyfriend of the last five years, “Trouble.” He most definitely lives up to his name, causing trouble everywhere he goes. He’s trouble in the streets, and most importantly, he has trouble keeping it in his pants. Even still, Ariel loves Trouble down to her soul and can’t imagine her life without him in it.

On the other hand, there’s Shea Logan, aerospace engineer. He’s gorgeous, smart, funny and did I mention he’s single with a great head on his shoulders and lots of money in his pockets. If there were a checklist of what the perfect man should be, he would hit every mark.

He has been Ariel’s shoulder to lean on, cry on, and all the other sentimental crap you could think of for the last ten years. Any time something goes wrong in Ariel’s life, she runs right into the arms of Shea. How many more sad songs will he listen to from Ariel before he finally pulls the plug for good?

Rough around the edges, raised by her father after her mother’s death at the mere age of three years old, we have the chocolate beauty named Tali Morris. She’s hard on the outside and inside because that’s how her father raised her to be. But what happens when she runs into the right one, the one who can melt her heart like hot lava?

These four lives will become intertwined in this story of jealousy, hate, love and resentment. Will Ariel finally come to her senses and see what’s been in front of her all this time? Who really has Trouble’s heart?

Is it Ariel, or is it someone else? Shea has tried time and time again to get Ariel to come to her senses when it comes to this thing called love, but there’s only so much you can do when someone is addicted to heartbreak.