Dangerous Daddy Box Set by Zoe Blake - PDF free download eBook

(Dangerous Daddy #1-3)
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Dominant. Demanding. Dangerous.You don't want to cross these Daddies. Fight Me, Daddy - Book One No one screwed with...

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Details of Dangerous Daddy Box Set

Exact title of the book
Dangerous Daddy Box Set
Book series
Dangerous Daddy #1-3
Book author
Zoe Blake
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
360 pages
November 15th 2018
File size (in PDF)
1440 kB
Dangerous Daddy Box Set

Some brief overview of book

Dominant. Demanding. Dangerous.

You don't want to cross these Daddies. Fight Me, Daddy - Book One No one screwed with him...ever. Logan had a fierce reputation.

He was cruel, calculating and very dangerous. Above all, he got the job done - by any means necessary. When he is hired to retrieve information from a young woman who has fled to an isolated cabin, he decides to amuse himself with the powerless female.

He'll make her submit to his every depraved desire. Subjecting her to pain and punishment, he won't relent, not even when she submits and calls him Daddy. She can beg and plead her innocence all she wants, but he won't stop.

And if his little plaything decides to fight him? Even better. Own Me, Daddy - Book Two Michael was a Marine, hard-wired to conquer and claim.

When Phoebe walked into his office lying thru her pretty red lips, his first impulse was to throw her over his desk and take possession. The more she tried to deceive him, the more determined he became to bend her to his will and maker her call him Daddy. She was about to find out how dangerous it was to deny him.

He owned her, whether she liked it or not. Bite Me, Daddy - Book Three Paine was not just his name, it was his profession. So when an upstart thief tries to kill him, he can think of nothing more pleasurable than teaching her a very painful lesson.

She was about to learn how Paine earned his dangerous reputation. He would have her on her knees, begging him not to hurt her, submitting to his demand to call him Daddy. And if his little kitten showed her claws and sharp teeth?

Daddy will bite back.