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Dakota is wealthy, famous and adored hunter. She is also lonely, driven and tortured by memories of the people she wasn’t able...

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Details of Dark Worlds Trilogy: An Alien Vampire Romance

Exact title of the book
Dark Worlds Trilogy: An Alien Vampire Romance
Book author
T.J. Quinn
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
553 pages
October 23rd 2018
File size (in PDF)
2212 kB
Dark Worlds Trilogy: An Alien Vampire Romance

Some brief overview of book

Dakota is wealthy, famous and adored hunter. She is also lonely, driven and tortured by memories of the people she wasn’t able to save. Hunting as a profession slowly evolved from the concept of private investigators as the needs of the citizenry outstripped the capacity of public law enforcement's ability to solve crimes.

Over the last ten years tremendous increases in crimes related to the manufacture and sell of designer drugs brought every major law enforcement agency to its knees. The devastating effects of theses potent illicit drugs on the general population outweighed almost every other consideration for law enforcement agencies. Dakota’s specialty is finding missing persons and she hunts them with a passion.

Her success rate is the highest in the country making her name and face one of the most recognizable in the field. Her services were in high demand but rather than prioritizing the rich and famous she tends to take cases for the most vulnerable such as children and newcomers because they were the ones least likely to be found through more tradition methods. She quickly becomes engulfed in the toughest case of her career when a wealthy local area businessman is abducted.

Alek Sharden is the owner of a large tech firm and leads a quiet nondescript life revolving around the care of his two adolescent daughters. Now it’s a race against the clock to bring one vampire back to his family before his precious life gets snuffed out. BloodLusr Jared’s worst nightmare comes true when his mother is abducted.

The question of who hunts for a missing hunter is answered when his father and step-father insist on joining the hunt. Between the three of them, his mother just might have a fighting chance. Little does he know tracking her down will take them down a long winding path that leads straight back to the horrible foster home he fled years ago.

It’s the last place on earth he wants to be. But if it’s the only way to rescue his mother, he’ll face off with his foster father and the huge multinational conglomerate that funds his dark deeds. Bloodlines Being forced to give up her baby was one of the most heart wrenching experiences of Dakota’s life.

After hunting for years, her dreams come true when she discovers him in a children’s home. Only he’s had a rough start in life and trouble trusting in her love. Finally finding her true love and her son should make her the happiest woman in the world.

It would have, only now an unseen danger is lurking in the darkness, threatening all that she loves. They’ll have to stick together and pool their resources if they want to win the only battle that really matters in live, the one to keep her family together.