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AN ANTHOLOGY OF HORROR SHORT STORIES ENDLESS HORROR Maria is a reporter who gets an interview with the survivor of a sorority...

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Details of Endless Horror: An anthology of horror stories

Exact title of the book
Endless Horror: An anthology of horror stories
Book author
Deborah Stockman
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
185 pages
November 24th 2018
File size (in PDF)
740 kB
Endless Horror: An anthology of horror stories

Some brief overview of book

AN ANTHOLOGY OF HORROR SHORT STORIES ENDLESS HORROR Maria is a reporter who gets an interview with the survivor of a sorority house massacre. Six of her housemates have been murdered by a college professor wielding a machete before slicing his own throat. Then another mass killing occurs, this time a man sets off an explosive device in a hospital emergency room before turning the gun on himself.

Then another killing happens, a grandmother goes crazy with a gun inside a church before killing herself. Maria interviews the survivors of these massacres and begins to realize the strange connection between all of these mass killings... HELLHOLE Joe Sullivan is framed by a biker gang and vows revenge when he is released from prison.

Unable to wait, he breaks jail with the help of his girl, Pat. But the bikers kidnap Ann Martin, a stranger who sympathetically corresponded with Joe while he was in jail. As his plans to exact revenge are complicated by Ann's presence, Joe works to find a way to rescue her.

DREAM KILLER Cindy thought she had the perfect marriage. Dean was handsome, kind and thoughtful. A little on the quiet side but she liked that about him.

They met during paramedic school, became partners, then went to nursing school together. Everything they did, they did as a team. But Dean grows weary of his stressful career as a registered nurse and begins to dabble in photography...Glamour photography to be exact.

Dean decides to go away for an artist's retreat in Monterey alone. When some of his models begin disappearing, he is immediately under suspicion until his wife shows up. Cindy sensing that her husband is in trouble, is willing to do anything to keep their marriage alive.

Dean, on the other hand, is willing to do anything to secure his freedom from the job and his marriage...even murder. SPOOKY Pastor Adams tries to welcome everyone who comes into his church. But when a weird stranger begins to attend his services, he struggles to balance his beliefs with his gut instinct.

And when is daughter goes missing,he begins a frantic search to find the strange man that he suspects of abducting her. MISS MURDER Anna and Jake are a DINK (dual income, no kids) couple. They have their entire life planned out in terms of career, where they're going to live and even where they are going to go on vacation years ahead of time.

A wrench is thrown into their plans when Anna discovers that Jake has been cheated on her. A violent argument ensues and Anna accidentally kills Jake. She stuffs his body into the trunk of her car and plans to do away with his body when she is stopped by a female police office.

She soon finds out, however, that the police officer knows a lot more about her and Jake than she could ever imagine... THE BUNNY MAN It is the summer before college for five teens as they head into the mountains for a camping trip. Little do they know that the isolated forest is now home to a machete wielding serial killer called the Bunny Man, who begins hunting them down one by one in this homage to 1980s slasher films.