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Although best known as an author of crime novels like the Dr. Siri and Jimm Juree series, Colin Cotterill is also an...

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Details of Famous Last Selfies

Exact title of the book
Famous Last Selfies
Book author
Colin Cotterill
Book edition
November 1st 2018 by Proglen
File size (in PDF)
about 300 kB
Famous Last Selfies

Some brief overview of book

Although best known as an author of crime novels like the Dr. Siri and Jimm Juree series, Colin Cotterill is also an accomplished artist and illustrator. He has designed many book covers for other authors and this new book of cartoons allows you to perhaps see a little bit more into how his mind works. From Colin: The premise to this book is simple.

What if, since the beginning of time, and a few weeks before, every living creature had access to a cell phone? What if every human, real and fictional, famous, infamous and unknown, every animal, fish, insect, deity and US president was in a position to take an instant snap of their defining moments? What if the very act of taking those photos was, in itself, responsible for their demise?

This book is not all about death although death is the pervading theme. I'm a mystery writer so it's unavoidable. I've been making money out of murder for a while.

Dying isn't funny. We'll, yes, sometimes it is. But, at least it should be thought provoking.

The way to best enjoy this collection is to not only suspend your disbelief but to embrace it. In these pages, insanity prevails and I ask you to bask in its ridiculousness. My publisher said it took him several days to understand all the pictures.

I think he meant it as a complaint whereas I saw it as success. We live in an instant world where everything is on tap and you don't have to think anymore. Take your time with this collection.

Look up the names and the dates. It could be a research project for your kids. They probably won't learn anything useful but they'll notice things.

Eventually, they'll get it. These are cartoons. Cartoons aren't meant to change your life.

It's all about having a chuckle here and there, a nod or two, an 'aha' of realization, an 'ahh' of sympathy, an 'unh' and empathy. But most of all, I want you to pay for the download and not get it free from some cheapskate. That would make me happy and get the dogs fed.