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Taylor's not looking for love, but he is ready to get more serious about his life. He had his wild days and now he needs...

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Details of Frost Bites

Exact title of the book
Frost Bites
Book author
Lucy Alice
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
192 pages
November 15th 2018
File size (in PDF)
768 kB
Frost Bites

Some brief overview of book

Taylor's not looking for love, but he is ready to get more serious about his life. He had his wild days and now he needs to hunker down and get to work on the 5-year plan to see his dreams fulfilled. Little does he know that answering a job ad as a live-in carer for Sarah's brother, Jayden, is going to open doors he never could have imagined and turn the king of casual into the man she didn't know she needed.

Sarah's no stranger to loss or abandonment, and while she has a good career, a good friend and is the self-proclaimed Queen of the One Night Stand, her world revolves around her little brother. Forced to choose between him and the man she loved, she chose the boy she'd loved the longest, even though it meant giving up her plans for her own future. By the time Taylor rumbles into her life with nothing but his backpack, motorbike and a secret photo album , Sarah is just jaded enough to find everything about him threatening to the comfortable rut she's settled into.

He challenges her peaceful, if lonely, existence from the start and the attraction between them doesn't help. It's not long before sparks fly as lust turns to love for the unlikely couple. As their story unfolds, 92-year-old Henley Barnaby writes letters to his deceased wife.

In being a part of the three younger peoples lives, he finds himself able to fast track their dreams and in the process, fulfills his promise to the woman he has loved for over 70 years. This book contains adult themes, some steamy love scenes and swearing. The FMC's brother is a young man with a developmental disability.

Frost Bites is meant to be read after Ice Burns, though it does stand alone as Sarah and Taylor's story. Fans of Amber and Aiden will be pleased to see glimpses of their story continuing here.