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(Terra Mortis #4)
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Cast Edwards I'm in love with my roommate and best friend. I know, I know. It's been done before.It’s stupid....

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Details of Hearting Cast

Exact title of the book
Hearting Cast
Book series
Terra Mortis #4
Book author
J.D. Light
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
81 pages
November 30th 2018
File size (in PDF)
324 kB
Hearting Cast

Some brief overview of book

Cast Edwards I'm in love with my roommate and best friend. I know, I know. It's been done before.

It’s stupid. It's a terrible position to put myself in. There is just something that keeps pulling me in his direction and I can’t seem to break its hold.

And I can't tell him either. Karney Hill is just too perfect and pure and all around WAY too good for me. So I’m content to just be his friend for the rest of forever and enjoy the perfection of Karney in the only way available to me.

But when his brother comes to Terra Mortis claiming Karney is betrothed to someone else, I claim him as mine in the heat of the moment, outing my feelings and starting something I don’t understand. Karney Hill From the first moment I saw him, I had this feeling Cast was mine. Which didn’t make a bit of sense considering water nymphs don’t have mates.

And I don’t know enough about my demon half to even guess, but I’ve never heard of anyone on my father’s side having mates either. I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway, because my father promised me to someone else before I was born and apparently, my time is up. But when a get a strange visitor, things suddenly start to make a little more sense and maybe the prospect of belonging to Cast isn't so out of reach.

Warning: Mpreg elements! (Though the MCs in this book aren't and cannot get pregnant, this is a spin-off series from my Chosen series. Occasional Mpreg characters might have cameos.

You've been warned!) Also, my books have little to no angst, and lots and lots of fluff! They are better read in order, because I kind of write them like a continuation of a story, and I don't like to repeat explanations over and over if I can help it. No cheating, because that makes my heart hurt, and I try to avoid things that make me sad like I SHOULD be avoiding carbs.

Sorry, I just don't want anyone being disappointed if they like the angst filled heart-rippers. These read more like a romantic comedy than a romantic drama. Enjoy!!

::blowing you kisses::