Hearts of Palomino Box Set Trilogy by Emily Sharp - PDF free download eBook

(Hearts of Palomino #1-3)
4.8 from 172 reviews

From the Number One Bestselling Author of The Perfect Fit. A three book series now for the first time in a box set. Love is...

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Details of Hearts of Palomino Box Set Trilogy

Exact title of the book
Hearts of Palomino Box Set Trilogy
Book series
Hearts of Palomino #1-3
Book author
Emily Sharp
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
484 pages
October 9th 2018
File size (in PDF)
1936 kB
Hearts of Palomino Box Set Trilogy

Some brief overview of book

From the Number One Bestselling Author of The Perfect Fit. A three book series now for the first time in a box set. Love is Eternal- Book 1 At the ripe old age of twenty-nine, Veronica Mason has given up on the very idea of love.

After a childhood blighted by addiction and foster homes and an engagement that ended with no reason given, she's built walls so big it would take dynamite to destroy them. Then she meets Julie and those walls begin to crumble. At the age of twenty-two, Julie Summers is ready to embark on her last year of college.

Positive, happy-go-lucky and drop-dead gorgeous, Julie has the world at her feet. And then she meets Veronica. She's instantly bewitched by her beauty and wants to be the one who chases all her shadows away.

As both women learn more about each other, will it bring them closer together or drive them apart? Love is Family-Book 2 After a troubled start in the life, Veronica Mason has never felt better. A good job, a loving girlfriend - the world is hers, and nothing can take that away.

That is until a shadow comes in from the past threatening to throw her world off its axis. Julie Summers has never been happier. With a new desire of becoming an author and thinking of the future ahead with her girlfriend Veronica, all is at peace.

That is until things start to go horribly wrong. After each promise is made to her and then broken, Julie starts to wonder if everything she gave up for the woman of her dreams was indeed the right choice. And Veronica will have to choose between confronting her greatest fear or risk losing the one she loves.

Love is Truth-Book 3 Julie Mason is happily married and awaiting the birth of her first child. Becoming a mother has always been her dream, but sometimes dreams are not all they seem. From the outside everything might look perfect but inside Julie is slowly falling apart.

Veronica Mason has finally got it all. Married, her own home, the perfect job and a kid on the way, she never knew life could be so great. But being able to keep the perfect home and Julie happy is a lot more expensive, and exhausting, than she initially thought.

When a series of events begins to shatter the illusion of perfection, each woman retreats in the only way she knows how. As the love of her life starts to grow distant, Julie begins to wonder if she, herself, is the cause. And as for Veronica, she will do whatever it takes to keep Julie and her new son happy, no matter the cost.

How will each woman come to realize that, when the dust settles, the truth is the one thing they both need?