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Time was quickly running out for the members of Clan McCallum, who farmed and hunted hundreds of acres surrounding Castle...

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Details of Highland Heart (Scottish Highland Romance)

Exact title of the book
Highland Heart (Scottish Highland Romance)
Book author
Jamie MacSeaver
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
66 pages
November 11th 2018
File size (in PDF)
264 kB
Highland Heart (Scottish Highland Romance)

Some brief overview of book

Time was quickly running out for the members of Clan McCallum, who farmed and hunted hundreds of acres surrounding Castle McCallum in northeastern Scotland. Just five miles to the east, the members of Clan Chattan were only slightly more secure within Overlook Castle, perched on a bluff nearly one hundred feet above the sea from which they harvested herring and cod. The inhabitants of these two small medieval clans could not have been more peace-loving.

But the Mackenzie Clan, known simply as “the savages,” had sworn to Laird Mackenzie that they would not rest until their kingdom stretched all the way to the coast. It was in this troubled time and place that the lives of those you are about to meet unfolded. You will not soon forget the time spent in this simpler age, where people learned all they needed to know about each other from the plaids they wore and the folks they loved and hated.

Bridgit McCallum was a beautiful, young spitfire in a land and time ablaze with treachery, violence, and love. In some ways, this simplified her life in Medieval Scotland: reducing much of it to black and white. But in some very important ways, it complicated Bridgit’s life.

How could she honor her overbearing father, Laird of her clan, without losing herself? How could she live life on her own terms and still faithfully help defend her war-torn clan? And most important, how could she ever find true happiness while guarding her heart from the snares and heartbreak that can accompany a life lived to the fullest?

This passionate Scottish maiden embodied much that was good, as well as things that were confusing about her land. She was young, beautiful and bursting with spirit. She was a force to be reckoned with, racing toward her future full of energy and optimism.

But she was also burdened by tradition, obligation, and circumstances beyond her control. This is how you find her in the opening pages of this story. Come join her in her journey from sorrow to joy, from what seemed like a never-ending war to a lasting peace, and from a guarded, solitary existence, to a true love beyond anything she had ever imagined.

This is the story of the burdens, joys, perils, and passions of Bridgit’s heart.