I Can Do This: A Study In Consensual Enslavement by Malkinius - PDF free download eBook

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I can do this. I do this. You can do this too if you want to learn how.This is not an ordinary introductory book for new...

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Details of I Can Do This: A Study In Consensual Enslavement

Exact title of the book
I Can Do This: A Study In Consensual Enslavement
Book author
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
185 pages
October 5th 2018
File size (in PDF)
740 kB
I Can Do This: A Study In Consensual Enslavement

Some brief overview of book

I can do this. I do this. You can do this too if you want to learn how.

This is not an ordinary introductory book for new people. It is not warm and fuzzy, feel good advice about relationships. It is not how to do this but how to think about doing this in ways other books and websites never mention.

It starts at a level most fear to approach and many claim can not exist. The story portion drops you into the beginning of a consensual enslavement relationship being done by experienced people and shows you how it could be done. Then you are invited pull the green curtain aside and learn what’s really going on and why.

You will learn tools and techniques of consensual enslavement and how and why they are used in the example and in the real world. These are the things many people hint about but never really explain. Whether you are interested in consensual enslavement from a BDSM, Leather, Gorean or some other background, this is the start of actual instruction not just in what some other person does, but how to understand the how and why for you to do it.

The core is a story of how one person starts their journey to a new stage of knowledge with real world examples taken from how some people do this. The fictional example combines a journey quest, an ordeal to overcome, the martial arts trope of the student who will do whatever is needed to learn from the Master with examples of consensual enslavement tools and instruction about why they are used to do this and then questions you about how and why things are done. Plus you will have the tools used in the story.

Wrap this all together and you have more useful information in one place than almost anywhere else. What this book is not is a blueprint of how you should do consensual enslavement. It is not a cookbook that you can blindly follow.

It is not a book about how to do your power exchange relationship. There are many of those already available and some of them are pretty good. The knowledge you gain here will set you well on the path to taking someone deeper into submission and surrender than most think is possible, let alone attempt.

It is more hard knowledge than you will find in most other books. This is not how one person does it. This is how you think about doing it.

Learn what is in here and you won’t be following someone else’s cookbook, you’ll be writing your own.