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(Fairlane 0.5-2)
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With Love, Alex (Fairlane Series #0.5) Thirty-year-old single mom Alex Sloane is ready for a simple life after her divorce from...

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Details of Luke & Alex

Exact title of the book
Luke & Alex
Book series
Fairlane 0.5-2
Book author
Harlow Layne
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
522 pages
November 29th 2018
File size (in PDF)
2088 kB
Luke & Alex

Some brief overview of book

With Love, Alex (Fairlane Series #0.5) Thirty-year-old single mom Alex Sloane is ready for a simple life after her divorce from her verbally and emotionally abusive ex-husband. One night out with her friends Alex meets Colton Patrick, a Hollywood movie star from her hometown and his friend, Matthew Ryan. Letting go, having fun, and drinking too much leads to what she thinks is a one-night stand.

But when her one-night stand starts calling and texting, Alex decides to give him a chance and start living her life. Now out from under her ex, Alex is starting to become the woman she once was, but he’s always in the background determined to ruin her at every turn. Seeing the good and bad sides of the dating world, she must overcome her doubts and fears and learn to trust herself.

But can she? Or will the past haunt her forever? Hollywood Redemption (Fairlane Series #1) Collided by fate and pushed apart by distance, does love even stand a chance?

Alex was a single mother living in the middle of nowhere. Nothing exciting ever happened here, unless you counted being harassed by her ex-husband. Until one night changes the entire course of Alex's life.

But even with all the good that occurs in her life, Alex must overcome her past demons, the very demons that caused her to become a shell of the woman she once was, that is if she wants to fight for the promise of the new life brought before her. Luke was a Hollywood actor, famous, gorgeous, and completely unlike anything I’d ever come across. He was a man on the rise, whose work ruled his life, that is until a chance encounter with Alex.

He claimed to be nothing like the egotistical, selfish Hollywood type that the world made actors like him out to be, but convincing Alex of that would be tough as hell. .especially with all that she has at risk. Can two people from two very different worlds - collided by fate and pushed apart by distance get a real chance at love?

Hollywood Fairytale (Fairlane Series #2) The conclusion of Luke and Alex’s story. Finding love was the easy part. Now plagued with being thousands of miles apart, someone trying to discredit their relationship all over social media, and Alex’s ex-husband.

Will their love stand up to the challenge? I knew our life wouldn’t be easy, but I never thought I’d be scared for my life.