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(The Relics of the Deathless Souls #4)
3.5 from 136 reviews

Save the girl, or save the world? Archaeologist Sam McCarthy can't do both. Or can he?Sam and his team barely escaped...

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Details of Mind Games

Exact title of the book
Mind Games
Book series
The Relics of the Deathless Souls #4
Book author
Tom Hunter
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
219 pages
October 13th 2018
File size (in PDF)
876 kB
Mind Games

Some brief overview of book

Save the girl, or save the world? Archaeologist Sam McCarthy can't do both. Or can he?

Sam and his team barely escaped their last run-in with the Bruard Empire with the scepter-an ancient relic bearing the power to control minds-but Shafira wasn't so lucky. The Bruard have locked her up in their island stronghold, and they're hot on the heels of the rest of the team. Sam's only chance at escape-and rescue-lies with Valentina, a mysterious last-minute rescuer who claims to be working for the UN.

Sam can't afford to trust her, but he can't afford not to. Shafira has no time to lose: the brutal Pin and his henchman Gord are on their way to interrogate her about the scepter-and they love getting their information the painful way. She's steps away from freedom, when her escape hits a snag in the form of Pae Min-Soo Bruard, the Bruard Empire leader himself!

And he wants to...invite her to dinner? With one relic in the hands of the Bruard and the other with McCarthy, can Sam and the team reach Shafira before Gord has his bloody way with her?