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Some promises are made to be broken. Some memories are better left forgotten. Some thorns are not meant to be touched.What do I...

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Details of Silk and Thorne

Exact title of the book
Silk and Thorne
Book author
L. K. Rayne
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
53 pages
November 9th 2018
File size (in PDF)
212 kB
Silk and Thorne

Some brief overview of book

Some promises are made to be broken. Some memories are better left forgotten. Some thorns are not meant to be touched.

What do I remember most about Ethan Thorne? The stupid games we used to play. His scrawny legs as he struggled to climb the old willow tree.

How we raced back to the dock from the middle of the lake on a hot summer day. What does the world say about Ethan Thorne? Well, the tabloids call him a playboy.

A lady-killer. Some sort of maverick. The business circuit calls him ruthless and cunning.

An unrelenting competitor. A titan of industry. But do you want to know who the real Ethan Thorne is?

The truth is, I have no idea. Fifteen years ago, we were only children. For one short summer, we were pure and innocent, unspoiled by the cruelty of the world.

But the funny thing about the world is that it has a way of taking what we hold closest to our heart and tearing it away. So I moved on. I grew up.

I took my spills and I toughened up. After years of hard work, my flower shop was booked for the ritziest events in Los Angeles, and with my best friend April by my side, I was finally happy. I built a good life for myself, away from that other world.

From afar, I watched Ethan Thorne grow up into the business magnate that he was destined to become. And sometimes, when the nights grew cold, I tried not to wonder what could have been. But some thorns leave scars that can’t be healed.

Some memories refuse to be left in the past, hidden in the dark. Some promises change us forever. - Silk and Thorne is the first book in the Silk and Thorne series.

Mr. Thorne will return in Satin and Thorne... Release Date: Early 2019.