Something Beautiful: An Anthology of Christian Romance by Melissa Ramsey - PDF free download eBook

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AN ANTHOLOGY OF SWEET CHRISTIAN ROMANCE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL Harley thinks she is doing her church a favor when she agrees to...

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Details of Something Beautiful: An Anthology of Christian Romance

Exact title of the book
Something Beautiful: An Anthology of Christian Romance
Book author
Melissa Ramsey
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
221 pages
November 25th 2018
File size (in PDF)
884 kB
Something Beautiful: An Anthology of Christian Romance

Some brief overview of book

AN ANTHOLOGY OF SWEET CHRISTIAN ROMANCE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL Harley thinks she is doing her church a favor when she agrees to oversee the bake sale at the annual Fourth of July picnic. What she doesn't know is that Steve will be working alongside her. She's had a crush on Steve for a long time but he has just broken up with her best friend Shannon.

He has not so much as looked in her direction ever since. Will she be able to mend his heart and see the beautiful woman he has been missing out on? LIFT ME UP Maggie has been put down all of her life.

Pregnant and broke, she is works as a waitress to make ends meet before her baby arrives. The baby's father now wants nothing to do with her and she faces the shame of judgmental parents. A shy dishwasher, however, takes an interest in Maggie's plight and begins helping her out.

Will he be the one person to lift her up? STAY WITH ME Charisse and Heath are divorced...but still think about about one another...When an error is found in their annulment contract, they realize they are still married. They get together to finalize the divorce once and for all, they realize that maybe, maybe God has other things in mind for them.

SCARY LOVE An overprivileged rich girl meets a handsome but poor Mexican during a missionary trip for her church. They explore both the country and their mutual attraction before she has to go back to the USA. She falls in love and must make the difficult decision of staying in rural poverty or returning to her comfortable life.

NEXT STOP LOVE Emilia is running away from her life in the big city. Failed job, failed relationship...Wanting to clear her mind, she goes out for a drive...a long drive until her beater of a car breaks down in a tiny town in California. Everyone she meets is nice and almost too pleasant...Then she meets a handsome garage mechanic who is running away from problems of his own.

Can find a love and happiness in the middle of nowhere? RESCUE ME Craig is a firefighter who receives a surprise visit from the little girl whose life he had saved over ten years ago...he also meets the girl's mother, Jenna, who is now a widow that has lost her policeman husband in the line of duty. Jenna does not want to get involved with the firefighter but finds herself irresistibly drawn to the man who once saved her daughter's life.

LOVE'S SWEET NAME When Samantha Elbridge’s entire life falls apart, she is left out cold. With no job and no love interest, she ends up moving back home. Little did she know that her entire life was about to change.

She attends church for the first time in years, and although she has her doubts, she soon realizes that things have changed substantially and actually starts to enjoy the change. She meets Michael Andrews, a music teacher and guitarist in the church band, and although she is nervous to put her heart on the line again, she dares to trust. With his love for music, and performing arts Michael Andrews was more than content with what he had, until he met Samantha.

She had him at Shakespeare. He doesn’t think twice to ask her out. From the start, he realizes that she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.