Stealing A Gangsta's Heart 2 by Stephanie L. Partee - PDF free download eBook

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After surviving Marchette’s attack, Oakley is left with more than she bargained for. Just when it seemed like things were...

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Details of Stealing A Gangsta's Heart 2

Exact title of the book
Stealing A Gangsta's Heart 2
Book author
Stephanie L. Partee
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
203 pages
November 25th 2018 by In Reverie Publications
File size (in PDF)
812 kB
Stealing A Gangsta's Heart 2

Some brief overview of book

After surviving Marchette’s attack, Oakley is left with more than she bargained for. Just when it seemed like things were looking up for her and Rio, they are tested in other ways. With old faces showing up and rocking the boat, Oakley is more confused than ever about where her life should go from here.

Her past is something she can never escape, but Rio is determined to keep her in the present. His love is the only thing she can depend on right now. Once optimistic about the future, Oakley feels like her current situation could prevent any happiness she was going to have.

Rio’s only focus is eliminating any and everything threatening him and those he loves. Giving Oakley his heart has redesigned everything in his life. Loving her was easy but standing to that love is proving to be a test for them both.

But through it all they only grow closer and get stronger, loving each other harder. Outside interferences start to pile up against them, and everyone seems to be interconnected somehow. Just when they are getting to the best part of their story, destruction rears its ugly head.

And they aren’t the only ones with problems. Nivaan and Knox are trying to work through their relationship and get to a good place, but they each struggle with different aspects of their union. Tougher times begin to test them further.

After surviving being shot, Torrance makes no attempt to stray from the life of tricking and hoeing, and her and Oakley end up on opposite sides for the first time in their friendship. But a visit to a familiar place changes her heart. Fate and chance meetings test them all, and no one is left untouched in part 2 of this enticing series!