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After yet another fight with her father, eighteen year old Lily just needs to get away, from him, from the house, and the never...

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Details of Taking Her Home

Exact title of the book
Taking Her Home
Book author
Rosa Mink
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
80 pages
October 10th 2018
File size (in PDF)
320 kB
Taking Her Home

Some brief overview of book

After yet another fight with her father, eighteen year old Lily just needs to get away, from him, from the house, and the never ending gloom represented there. Her favorite place in the world to go? Her sexy next door neighbors’ ranch.

Lily’s spent the last three years in love with Carson Grant, but unfortunately for her, he hates her. That doesn’t stop her from wanting to be closer to him or on the property he owns. A walk along the creek brings unexpected danger in the form of both Carson and a rattlesnake, and in an instant, her life is changed.

The question she needs answered now, is it for the better? And the other question, is it going to last? From the moment he laid eyes on Lily he’s wanted her but Carson Grant knew he couldn’t claim her then.

He’s waited three years to make her his and with six weeks of school left for her, his control is wearing thin. He’s completely drawn to her every time she’s near and with his control slipping, he knows he needs to get her away from him fast. He didn’t anticipate that rattler wanting to claim her as his as well, and the moment she’s in his arms, there’s no turning back.

He’s taking her home and keeping her safe no matter what it takes. Nothing is going to take her from him, not a snake or her snake of a father. Lily’s his, his woman, and starting now, everyone’s going to know it, starting with her.

Wrapped up in the hold she’s wanted most, Lily doesn’t want anything to ruin this, especially not the truth about her father and what he does to her, but Carson’s adamant and soon, all of her secrets start tumbling out. With her worries about losing him and knowledge of his late wife running through her mind, can she give into what she wants most? Dare she hope her life’s changing for the better?

Carson’s going to make damn sure of it. He’ll protect his woman and make it right, show her that she’s the only one that’s had his heart, and keep the town from talking bad about her. He’s waited three years already, now with a taste of her pumping through his veins, his control is completely gone, and like hell he’s going to let anyone utter one word wrong to her.

With no cheating and a HEA, Taking Her Home is the sweet, sexy story you’ll just fall into and love. Warning, there’s lots of adult language and sexiness in these 28,000 words, so snuggle up and see how a Texas man claims his woman.