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LOVE creates a web so tangled, it is almost impossible to break free. LUST keeps you trapped in a situation beyond your wildest...

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Details of Tangled Webs 2: Love, Lust, & Diamonds

Exact title of the book
Tangled Webs 2: Love, Lust, & Diamonds
Book author
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
259 pages
October 6th 2018 by Twyla T. Presents, LLC
File size (in PDF)
1036 kB
Tangled Webs 2: Love, Lust, & Diamonds

Some brief overview of book

LOVE creates a web so tangled, it is almost impossible to break free. LUST keeps you trapped in a situation beyond your wildest dreams. This sunny South Florida crew is back and better than ever with a few new faces that are ready to tangle their own webs.

Tensions were at an all-time high at the close of book one. Both Cameron and Raquel found themselves in unrealistic situations. Raquel is at the center of an escalating predicament that she never thought that she would be in.

At four months pregnant, she’s still unsure about the paternity of her unborn child: is it her future husband or her former lover? To make matters worse, Raquel’s love for Cameron is pushed to the limits after learning that he has possibly fathered three-year-old twins behind her back. To add to her sticky situation, her former lover refuses to go silent into the night.

What’s a girl to do? When one of her best kept secrets offers her a deal she cannot refuse, will she be able to handle the pressure? Cameron carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He has always been known as an amazing standup guy, but his past decisions bring his discretions to the forefront. After finally slipping a diamond ring on Raquel’s finger, he makes it his mission to give Raquel the life she deserves. However, his life is rudely awakened after Raquel learns about the twins possibly being his and then discovering her own pregnancy.

Betrayal is a word that Cameron would have never associated with those he loved the most. However, betrayal is exactly what happens when revelations are revealed. After learning the truth, how will Cameron handle things?

When her world came crashing down around her, Tracey loses more than she ever expected. Losing her husband and her children are the last thing she ever thought would happen, and it sends her spiraling in many directions. Tracey finds herself battling not only physically and emotionally, but mentally as well.

Not willing to face or to accept her new reality, Tracey vows that there’s no limit to what she will do get her life back, specifically her husband Daree. But will he be a willing participant? After all, Daree hit his breaking point with Tracey and unashamedly basks in the glow of his new-found freedom.

The double life that he has been living is finally exposed and he couldn’t be more grateful. All he wants is love, but in the end, will Daree get more than he bargained for? Hearts will be broken and dreams will be shattered more webs will be tangled in book two of the Tangled Webs: Love, Lust, & Diamond series by breakout author Zarkia.