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Picture the scene. You hear the rhythmic click of heels. Click, click, click...Hitting the floor in their unmistakeable, almost...

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Details of The Art of Femininity

Exact title of the book
The Art of Femininity
Book author
Ariadna Majewska
Book edition
Number of pages
151 pages
November 2018 by ARIMAJ Ariadna Majewska
File size (in PDF)
604 kB
The Art of Femininity

Some brief overview of book

Picture the scene. You hear the rhythmic click of heels. Click, click, click...

Hitting the floor in their unmistakeable, almost hypnotic way, creating a distinctive sound that quickens the pulse and makes men ever more alert and watchful. You feel the heat and tension rising, you slacken your tie, it's getting hot in here. The clicks are getting louder and louder, shattering the calm as those tempting heels hit the polished floor in time with your heartbeat.

Are they heading your way? Then you feel the heady sweet scent of feminine perfume filling your nostrils as your senses go into overdrive. And there she is - tantalising red lips, round hips which can make men go weak at the knees, and beautiful, shapely legs hidden behind the sheerest, of soft, sheer nylons...

Is it a dream? No, it's more real than you will ever know...