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We always hear the story about the deadbeat, the trifling father that cares more about his sneaker collection than his...

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Details of The Baby Daddy Trap: Season One

Exact title of the book
The Baby Daddy Trap: Season One
Book author
Mz. Demeanor
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
251 pages
October 8th 2018 by Blake Karrington Presents
File size (in PDF)
1004 kB
The Baby Daddy Trap: Season One

Some brief overview of book

We always hear the story about the deadbeat, the trifling father that cares more about his sneaker collection than his children. The man that takes care of his girlfriend’s kids better than his own. What about the ones that are out here doing the best they can and still having to deal with baby-mama drama?

Meet five guys on a mission to make the best out of their situations with the odds stacked against them. Tobias seems to have it all together. He has his own mechanic shop, is newly married, and well-respected in the community.

However, he also has a bitter baby-mama named Andelle that will stop at nothing to destroy his happiness, even if it means using their daughter Harmony as a pawn. Leondrus Rice is the son of a prominent pastor, as well as a star basketball player in college. He and his girlfriend Ariel are the picture-perfect couple in everybody’s mind.

What nobody knows is that her son belongs to him. To keep from jeopardizing a promising sports career they agreed to keep it under wraps. Leondrus also has another secret he has been keeping, but this one is far deeper than his own.

Andre Stallings has four children by four different mothers. The only thing he is worried about is his pockets, his appearance, and which baby-mama he can lay with for the night. Living at home with his mother has spoiled him.

What will he do once the apron strings are cut? Chadwick Sumpter comes from a long line of champion racehorse owners. His parents had his whole life spelled out for him.

What they didn’t count on was him bringing home a black girlfriend and bi-racial baby. After being ousted out of their lives he and Kamali tried to make it on their own. When the going got tough he had to make a decision that ultimately spelled the end of their relationship.

How will he ever be able to deal with fatherhood when he barely had an example of one himself? Avian Crosby is in high school playing football. What should be a carefree time in his life turns into chaos when his girlfriend Sandy gets pregnant.

He is just a child himself and with no family support, he has to teach himself how to become a man. All the while he is dealing with the tragic loss of his brother. All five lives intersect when a reality show is pitched to give a male perspective on the fatherhood dilemma.

What the show ends up becoming is something that none of the men bargained for. Follow the lives of five fathers struggling to keep from becoming statistics in The Baby Daddy Trap.