The Sage and The Savage by Viola Calvary - PDF free download eBook

(Dark Desire #2)
3.7 from 172 reviews

Dahlia and Kenny are back and things are heating up. An enemy stalks the night, targeting psychics in Dahlia’s force. When...

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Details of The Sage and The Savage

Exact title of the book
The Sage and The Savage
Book series
Dark Desire #2
Book author
Viola Calvary
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
322 pages
October 11th 2018 by Amazon Digital Services
File size (in PDF)
1288 kB
The Sage and The Savage

Some brief overview of book

Dahlia and Kenny are back and things are heating up. An enemy stalks the night, targeting psychics in Dahlia’s force. When evidence turns up pointing straight at Dahlia, it’s up to her and Kenny to face off against an opponent more powerful than they had ever imagined.

But, when Dahlia is left broken, bloody, and hunted and Kenny is forced to do the unthinkable to keep her out of ancient evil’s grip, they need answers about the nameless creature stalking them. Unfortunately the only being with those answers may be the very demon that’s woken in Dahlia’s mind. And he’s got other plans for the two captains.

Caught in the Puppet Master’s web, hunted by both allies and enemies can Dahlia and Kenny survive? Kenny’s eyes gleamed with anger and he moved fast, pushing her hard against the stone. Her head snapped back into the hand he’d placed behind it.

He gripped her hair tightly. “You’re mine, Dahlia,” he snarled. “I would’ve torn them to shreds before letting them take you.” Dahlia bared her own teeth and snarled back at him as the press of his body against hers stirred her insane desire, already so close to the surface when she was near him.

That blind, animal lust mixed with her anger and found resonance with him, pushing sanity out of her skull. She sunk the nails of her hands into the skin of his back as he pulled her head back and bit into the side of her neck. He pressed his body harder against her, keeping her trapped between him and the stone.

She felt him hard as his sharp, burning need washed over her mind. The desire to feel him take her coursed through her like fire. She wanted to taste him, feel the emotions boiling inside her spill out and consume him.