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Tensions are high, lovers are at war, and the streets are left bleeding when the lives of the most powerful men collapse under...

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Details of When She Loves A Hitta 2

Exact title of the book
When She Loves A Hitta 2
Book author
Tisha Andrews
Book edition
Kindle Edition
Number of pages
196 pages
November 12th 2018 by Royalty Publishing House
File size (in PDF)
784 kB
When She Loves A Hitta 2

Some brief overview of book

Tensions are high, lovers are at war, and the streets are left bleeding when the lives of the most powerful men collapse under this one thing called love. Asia has loved Banger since the day she could remember. Not only was he her best friend, but he was the only person she trusted with her life.

Unfortunately, she’s holding on to a secret that may shake the foundation of their history and love for one another. Block and Nazarene are utterly in love with each other, defying many rules like “thou shall not sleep with thy brother’s sister,” but to Block, Nazarene is more than just sex. She’s the woman he wants to grow old with, if only he could without losing Racer, his best friend.

Racer, a man known to never fall for anyone, has fallen and fallen hard. In an effort to stay focused and keep CeeCee safe, Racer has trouble not only telling her what he wants, but what he needs too. He’s lived the life where love had no place, but now love is driving the bus and he can’t get off.

Sierra, on the outside looking in, has it all. Two beautiful children, a man that loves her and more money than she can count, but it’s still not enough. Struggling to forget about Racer who’s all into CeeCee, she finally decided to give her children’s father, Gank, an honest try.

That would play out well except Gank’s lost interest, ready to call it quits. That worked out perfectly after one encounter places him in the path of Iris, a smart, beautiful, and single mother of two. Iris wants nothing from him except to be left alone.

She doesn’t trust men, being left to fend for herself by her children’s cold-hearted father, Logan. Gank steps in not only prepared to change her life, but her heart too. Nothing about the game changes until everything about the game does.

Loyalty and love isn’t about who you’ve known the longest but who you trust the most. Find out if these couples have it in them to finally live in their truth, even if it costs them everything in this finale.